AIR movie review

Nothin’ but net! “AIR” is an outstanding biographical drama that will inspire anyone with a gut feeling, that they’re onto something great, to ”Just Do It!” The allstar cast shines brilliantly, and the screenwriting is excellent! Definitely look for this high stakes, high energy underdog story next awards season.

Sonny Vaccaro and Nike pursue basketball rookie Michael Jordan, creating a partnership that revolutionizes the world of sports and contemporary culture.

Who would have ever thought that the origins of the single best known athletic shoe would have this much ‘sole.’ It’s funny, emotionally moving, and educational. More than the risky financial move that would either launch the struggling NIKE company to success or shutter the athletic division, this story is one of resilience. Resilience in business and in character. In many ways, this movie is “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” meets “The Social Network,” two films to which this one will undoubtedly be compared.

Every scene in this film exemplifies exceptional screenwriting and directing. The story snaps, crackles, and pops, and the vision for direction is consistently building to the end of the story, with every scene delivering a well-defined setup–>development–>resolution.

Highly recommend watching this heartfelt motion picture!

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