About Me

My area of specialization and prolific publication is on the American horror film, and that has allowed me to speak at Tampa Bay Comic Con and Spooky Empire. Needless to say, my blog contains a significant number of articles on horror, for I feel that it is far more truthful than any typical drama! I published a book titled On the Convergence of Cinema and Theme Parks in 2015 and am working on my second book titled “Why Horror?” to hopefully be published next year. Outside of my work teaching American Cinema and Screenwriting at the University of Tampa, I am the creator of the podcast sitcom “Four’s a Crowd” and work as an audio editor for an NPR show called “American Variety Radio.” I’m a former creative services staff member for Feld Entertainment where I worked as a video editor for “Disney on Ice,” “Sesame Street Live,” and “Jurassic World Live.” I’ve produced 12 short films (including a foreign film), and 2 feature length films. Since 2014, I have been an active film critic and member of the #FilmTwitter community. Taking my written content to the air waves, I am a regular guest on popular film, horror, theme park, and LGBT+ podcasts. I have always done my best to teach and write in such a way that I can successfully communicate information about and my passion for media and entertainment to the general public. I like including many details that give you a good representation of the various elements that make up a film. In short, I simply love storytelling.

I enjoy making new friends and contacts through my blog, so feel free to connect with me 🙂

List of Podcasts I have guested on, some multiple times:

  • One Movie Punch
  • Movie Drone
  • Epic Film Guys
  • Brunch with the Halliwells
  • Movie Geek and Proud
  • Cocktail Party Massacre
  • Trailer Junkies
  • Blockbuster Mentality
  • Just So You Know
  • Macabre Media Podcast
  • InSession Film
  • Cinema Recall
  • Classic Movie Musts
  • CineMusts
  • Bingeables Podcast
  • Besotted Geek
  • M Report Pod
  • Movie Marathoners
  • School of Schlock
  • Reel Spoilers
  • Mike Mike and Oscar
  • Academy Queens
  • Reel Sharks

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