“The Gentlemen” Mini Film Review

Smart, sexy, stylish! Written and directed by Guy Ritchie, The Gentlemen is a non-stop thrill ride, full of intrigue and hilariously witty humor. Don’t allow the late January release date fool you, this is not a “January” movie. If you enjoy Guy Ritchie films, then know that this is Guy Ritchie to the max. Once you think you have it figured out, then he throws in another twist to up the ante in this highly entertaining film. Talk about a great cast! Hugh Grant steals every scene he is in. Perhaps this movie won’t garner a Best Ensemble Cast award, but this cast’s chemistry is outstanding. Every line of dialogue, every reaction, every scene is crafted with precision and razor-sharp wit. Guy Ritchie certainly returns to his signature hyperactive heist meets crime procedural style after spending some thankless time in Agrabah. Richie proves that he has a masterful command of a story that both takes itself seriously but is very much tongue-in-cheek the entire time, giving us a nearly 2hr movie that is highly engaging and entertaining the entire time. Although the premise of most crime procedurals and heists is nothing new, Richie’s original expression of this genre is innovative! Albeit not meta per se, there is a quasi-metaness to this story through the character of Fletcher, a tabloid reporter, (played by Grant). He confronts Mickey’s (Matthew McConaughey) right-hand man Raymond (Charlie Hunnam) with his screenplay that outlines Mickey’s entire drug operation. Most of the movie is told through the lens of a screenplay, complete with all the plot elements and character development. All the while, the foreground story ends up picking up where the screenplay leaves off. Incredibly interesting! Much like with QT’s Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood last year, Ritchie demonstrates greater concern for a well-executed entertaining story than a thought-provoking message. While we certainly need motion pictures that challenge us, we shouldn’t forget that we also need pictures that are simply fun! Well-written, directed, acted, produced, etc, but still highly entertaining at the end of the day. If you’re looking for a fantastically enjoyable time at the cinema this weekend, then checkout Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen.

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