“American Hustle”

Looking for a screwball comedy farce? Look no further than “American Hustle!” It appears in this film, David O. Russell out-Scorseses Scorsese. Like a well-orchestrated musical score, Russell uses whips, pans, and tacky slow-mo (but still entertaining) to tell his story. Metaphorically speaking, this film could be likened to a Vegas style slot machine that keeps winning! Although the movie states it’s based on true events, it’s loosely based on the life of Melvin Weinberg, at best. Adding to the comedy, this film features the best in 70s hair and the worst in comb-overs in cinema history, as showcased by Christian Bale’s character of Irving. It is easy to tell that Russell worships the women in his film, with plunging necklines and voluptuous fur coats. The dialog is well-written and demonstrates a strong knowledge and use character development and exposition in terms of advancing the plot. Russell’s actors showcase giving their all to the characters they portray. The cinematography is excellent and so is the editing. The only negative critique is the movie’s pace was a little too slow for the content. Over all, the film is an outlandishly entertaining screwball dark comedy.


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