“her” is a movie set in a futuristic Los Angeles about a recently separated greeting/love card writer (Phoenix) and his estranged relationship with his artificially intelligent OS (operating system). Joaquin Phoenix delivers an excellent performance as Theodore Twombly; however, his performance did not require extraordinary measures from him. As for the cinematography and editing (with the exception of about 1-2mins of black during an intimate scene), both are exceptional! The best thing about this film is the commanding and gripping dialog; furthermore, this film does a fantastic job at communicating character development and exposition. The film is also an excellent representation of how art direction and colors can be used to convey emotion. Unfortunately, the plot doesn’t fair so well. Any first-year filmmaker knows that in addition to the internal conflict a protagonist experiences, there needs to be an external/opposing force or embodiment of the internal conflict in order to help audiences follow the storyline. The ending leaves the audience in a precarious place, a middle ground so to speak, between joy and sadness.


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