“About Time”

A fantastic movie for a date. In short, it was like Woody Allen and Nicholas Sparks decided to make a movie together. You begin watching one movie, then before you know it, you’re watching another. The screenwriter did not follow a traditional structure, but the writing was solid with some funny moments. McAdams plays an all-too-familiar role and is ironically “ageless” in a movie about time. Character development (character arc) was pretty well non-existent; the characters are very static. There is quite a bit of narration by the protagonist; however, it still feels like a movie and not a book. Cinematography was adequate, but there was a little too much shaky cam. The direction was a little predictable, but still enjoyable. It was nice to see a healthy father-son relationship in an age where many fathers seem absent from the family. The movie is as much about the father-son relationship as it is the protagonist-love interest relationship. At the end of the day, it’s a movie that will make you laugh and cry. Definitely an enjoyable movie-going experience.


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