“August: Osage County”

Who would’ve known that a film adaptation of a play that has an impressive pedigree, which includes five Tonys and a Pulitzer, would essentially be a flop on screen. Nothing about this film makes the play look appealing. The best part of the movie was of course Meryl Streep, and to a lesser extent Julia Roberts. Violet, the overbearing antagonistic, mother was played beautifully by Streep, and Roberts shines as the the equally antagonistic and vicious Barbara. That is about the extent of the accolades. It felt more like a reality TV show about a dysfunctional family than a work of cinema. But, wasn’t the dialog amazing? Yes; however, Lett’s dialog, whereas it would be captivating on stage, does not transfer well to the screen. The movie does have its hilarious moments, but they aren’t enough to balance out the darker moments. Lett’s characters on the screen certainly get worked up about the revelation of skeletons in the closet, and each character has his or her moment, but those of us trapped in the audience will wonder why we should be bothered.


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