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SoarinAfter having ridden Soarin’ three times, and now, in all three seating sections, I’d like to share my thoughts on the experience. It was GREAT! But because I can never simply attribute so few words to a review, you’re still going to get a bunch more. Like many, I too had grown tired of Soarin’ Over California. Although California is the home of Walt Disney Studios and it’s a state containing a dynamic landscape from the mountains to the seashore, it always puzzled me why we were soaring over California in Florida. Yes, I am aware the Florida is beaches, cities, and swamp; so, it does not boast nearly as beautiful a landscape (other than the beautiful beaches). And Yes, I know that Soarin’ is a carbon copy of the attraction at Disney’s California Adventure; however, I always thought that it would have been interesting to have Soarin’ over California at the Walt Disney World Resort and Soarin’ Over Florida at the Disneyland Resort. But, I digress. This new incarnation of a popular attraction is vastly improved in terms of picture quality, queue experience, and guest cycling. With the addition of the third auditorium, Soarin’ is able to load and unload guests much more efficiently than before. I half expected that the wait times would be 2+ hours even after the first couple of weeks, but honestly, the wait times have been relatively low. Yes, that is partly due to the drop is guest attendance at WDW compared to previous year; but, I attribute the lower wait times to the addition of the new concourse. Very much a wonderful and refreshing experience and I look forward to continued journeys to famous monuments, buildings, and landmarks around the world…

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