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Thrillz-LogoIndoor queue. If that seems like an odd opening remark, then you obviously have not been to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGTB). Cobra’s Curse is the first attraction to include an indoor interactive queue at BGTB. Not interactive in how the queue is at Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain, but the queue does include real snakes (varieties of cobra), props, and a pretty cool map projection room. Speaking of the map projection room, if you are a long-time visitor to the park, then you may recognize that room as the central piece to the former King Tut museum walkthrough—it’s where the famous sarcophagus of the boy pharaoh was displayed. It is exciting to see that BGTB is including show systems technologies in this queue and I hope this is a trend that will continue. Upon a closer examination of the map projection wall with the giant cobra, you will notice that the small hieroglyphics are kind of doing their own thing. Some of them even fall off the screen or get into comedic skirmishes. The main attraction of the map projection room is the cobra that goes through a couple of different story cycles. Each story with its respective special effects. Although the quality is a little on the cheesy side, I got admit that this is groundbreaking for the park. In all honesty, it reminds me of an early Universal Studios queue—not quite up to par with the current indoor queues; but honestly, not that far off either. I really enjoyed the room! It all gets back to storytelling. Although this attraction is not connected to any intellectual property (IP), it does a good job of immersing the park guests into the world of Ancient Egypt complete with a cobra and a curse. What more do you need??? The color scheme chosen flows very well and contains many complementary colors in the queue and on the ride itself. Word to the wise: since the ride platform lacks any single-use cubbies at the load point, so be sure to use the lockers to store your phone, wallet, etc.

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