BlackhatUnequivicably the most torturous 2hrs of a theatrically-released movie ever. It is so incredibly bad that I don’t even want to write more than one paragraph about it. And, if you follow this blog, you know I am unable to relay my thoughts on a given movie in one paragraph. It was like a glorified undergraduate film shot with broadcast cameras and incompetent audio operators. The only somewhat positive element of the movie was the well-executed visual effects and concept of the inner-workings of a computer circuit board. Structurally, the narrative is haphazard and boring; there were times I had no idea what was going on. Approximately halfway through the movie, I seriously considered leaving the auditorium. It is of little surprise that this movie received a January release date. If you have a movie date planned with someone that you would rather not go out with, take them to this movie and they will most certainly never talk to you again. And the opposite is also true; if they like it, they are probably not the one for you.


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